Meet the Doggos


This is Timmy.

He is 13 years old and will be turning 14 in September, I have had him since here a small doggo.
He has some hobbies that include:


This is Andy.

He also 13 years old but he is 6 months younger, than his brother from another mother, Timmy. Andy was born on International Women's Day, March 8th.
(Which is why Andy is such a ladies man)
Andy's hobbies include:
  1. Napping at all hours of the day
  2. Singing (howling) to the moon at 7PM every night
  3. Bark Bark
  4. Cuddle puddling with Timmy

Timmy and Andy also share daily routines, such as:
1. Waking the whole house up at 7AM because they are hungry doggos
2. Walking around the house until they find a comfy spot to food coma
3. Bark until they get cuddles and love
4. Go back to sleep
5. Rinse, Repeat.


I highly recommend that you buy yourself some doggo socks, preferably with basset hounds. Simply because the are precious pups (I am not biased, whatsoever): floppy doggo socks

For more pics of my doggos email me!