Sydney to Santa Cruz

A film photography collective

Check out contributor, Montana Coopers, recent work:


Here's what we'll need

  1. Album(s): Add the photos you would like to publish in this Google Drive. If you would like to add different 'albums', add them as different folders within the drive, if that makes sense. Due to our format and conservation of space, please choose your best photos and keep albums less than 30 photos. Also, don't forget to name the folders!
  2. Contributor Photo: A photo of you for our contributors page.
  3. Word Doc: include a document with the type of film and camera you used for each album, your city, and age. If you want to include a story behind an album, feel free to add that in there as well.
  4. Submission time: We kindly ask that you submit your first set of photos at least a week after we have dispatched the drive or we will assume that you have had a change of interest :(

If you would like to contribute, please contact Atessa Farman hi there