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Pelagic Red Crab Pleurnocodes planipes

Crabs Start Life as a Zoea

These newly-born crabs start out very small, only a few millimeters in length. Adult Pelagic Red Crabs will brood the eggs of their young until they are ready to hatch, and then send them off into to the open sea. The small crabs live out the early stages of their lives in the plankton .

Adult Crabs Live in the Pelagic Zone

Adult Pelagic Red Crabs are able to live in the open ocean for a few reasons:

Pelagic Red Crabs are't without their predators. Things that eat them include, but are not limited to:

  1. Tuna fish. They are sometimes called tuna crabs because of this.
  2. Blue Whales.
  3. You guessed it. Humans! A quick google search will reveal some Pelagic Red Crab recipes.

You can learn more about Pelagic Red Crabs at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center

Or you can email the Senior Student Aquarist, Austin Erb, here