Andrew Klotz, UCSC Mathematics. Sailing Instuctor

Welcome aboard!

About me:

Currently I'm studying Mathematics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In the future I hope to study more about dynamics. Being a sailor, I was intially interested in the dynamics of fluid flow, but the beauty of abstract mathematics have taken me down more routes! I really believe that mathematics can be an invaluable tool to an individual's learning. The methods of mathematical problem solving are applicable to must more than just "made up" numbers. For these reasons I'm also interested in pursuing mathematics education in parrallel.

Besides just being a math nerd, I also coach Scholastic Sailing for Santa Cruz Yacht Club. If you're a highschooler in the Santa Cruz area and you're intreseted in sailing this summer, please visit Santa Cruz Yacht Club's website. Furthermore, I offer private lessons for dhingies like: the 29er, FJ, and 420! Some of my other interests include:
  1. Kitesurfing
  2. Dungeons and Dragons
  3. Listening to music! Some of my favorite artists are:
Feel free to send me an EMAIL