Earthbound: Ness

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Have you ever seen this kid around? Or maybe heard the words "PK FIRE" spammed in rapid succession?

That kid is none other than Ness, a young boy with a love for baseball who lives just north of a town called Onett in the SNES game Earthbound. For the most part, he's a normal kid — other than the fact he has powerful psychic abilities. Most people know him from the popular Super Smash Bros. Nintendo series, as he's appeared in every game in the series.

Some background on Ness:

Here is a list of Ness's psychic abilities from the Smash series:

As it turns out, the only move from that list that Ness can actually use in his original game (Earthbound) is PK Flash. The rest of those moves are learned by Paula and Poo, two friends Ness makes during his journey. Earthbound is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) in which you play as Ness and attempt to defeat the evil alien Giygas along with your friends. Despite the generic 'save-the-world' trope and the game's simple appearance, Earthbound portrays a unique and mysterious world that is somehow still grounded in realism. If you're looking for a fun game to pass the time that also contains some deeper, introspective themes I'd strongly recommend you to try out Earthbound!

If you're interested and want to learn more, here's a link to the wiki page which has a lot of info on Earthbound. If you want to talk about Earthbound (or want to play me in Smash Ultimate) then send me an email.