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These are some of the funny memes that I found, mostly featuring Spongebob

Why are memes the best? because they bond people together in an union of laughter and peace, lol jk I have no idea, they just are.

I decided to have a webpage about memes to attack a college student audiance to the website, the other topics I was thinking about where a webpage about my hometown and a webpage about trees. The last option seemed rather boring.

Best Types of memes:

A little about the webpage author:

  1. Name: Albert Chanteloup
  2. Major: Computer Science
  3. Grade: Senior
  4. Collge: Stevenson
  5. Doe pineapple go on pizza? Yes

Can contact Albert at:

These memes are not mine, they can be found in the UCSC reddit, please dont sue me

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