Rick and Morty

The Greatest Show Ever

Rick is a heartless old drunk mastermind who only believes in science but he loves his grandson Morty:

Here they are in a 'tiny' universe created by Rick. In this universe the middle finger means "hello" as opposed to what it means here on Earth (Morty in yellow. Rick in the lab coat.)

    Some quick information on the characters:
  1. Rick is a scientist who can travel through infinite timelines. He uses science to justify everything and it has caused him some issues in life
  2. Morty is Rick's grandson and sidekick. Despite having some trouble in school, Morty is a great listener and suitable for the universal adventures with Rick
  3. Their family consists of Beth Smith (Morty's mom/Rick's daughter), Jerry Smith (Morty's dad), and Summer Smith (Morty's sister)
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