The Story of Nala
Hello There

The Early Days.
	This poor baby sloth was born in the outskirts of South America. Her mother, mama sloth, 
was found weak and starving after giving birth to 3 baby sloths near a dumpster. She was rescued by a
small Hispanic family. Since the family already had four pets, they decided to find the baby sloths a
new family to take care of them.

The Unexpected Rescue
	One day, my house mate and I saw a video on an application called snap chat. In this video, 
my house mate's friend was advertising free baby sloths that he found during his visit to South America. It was
about 4am when we saw that snap. We went to sleep and at 10am we began our drive to see these mysterious
baby sloths. The drive took about 6 hours total from Santa Cruz, California, to Fresno, and back. 

My name is Nala Luna Briones-Valdivia

Get to know her:
  1. She loves to play with her soccer ball, or anything that resembles a ball, really.
  2. She likes to greet you at the door, but if you don't acknowledge her, she will stare at you until you do.
  3. She loves noises, different noises makes her happy but some gets her crazy! Check out this link: What Makes Me Insane.

What are her favorite shows?
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