The best band from the 80's

You can check out Journey's official website here @Journey Music

This is the album cover from Journey's 1983 Album Frontiers.

This is a list of Journey's studio albums by year:

  1. Journey-1975
  2. Look into the Future-1976
  3. Next-1977
  4. Infinity-1978
  5. Evolution-1979
  6. Departure-1980
  7. Escape-1981
  8. Frontiers-1983
  9. Raised on Radio-1986
  10. Trail by Fire-1996
  11. Arrival-2001
  12. Generations-2005
  13. Revelation-2008
  14. Eclipse-2011

Here are some awesome pictures from the music video to the song Seperate Ways(Worlds Apart):

The music for Seperate Ways(Worlds Apart) is as amazing as the music video for it is cringe inducingly hillarious.

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