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Workshop in Phenomenological Philosophy

May 18th–19th, 2012

All conference events will take place in Humanities 1, Room 202.

Fri, May 18th
9:00 Coffee and pastries.
9:30-11:00 Burt Hopkins, “Manifold and synthesis in Kant and Husserl: the problem of collective unity in transcendental philosophy”
Moderator Abe Stone
11:15-12:45 Abe Stone, “What did Kant really mean by ‘transcendental idealism’?”
Moderator: David Bachyrcyz
12:45-2:15 Lunch
2:15-3:45 David Bachyrycz, “Adequacy or approximation? Husserl’s Logical Investigations and the possibility of scientific philosophy”
Moderator: Steve Crowell
4:00-5:30 Christoph Durt, “Husserl on the origin of the modern distinction between primary and secondary qualities: ‘Galileo’s mathematization of nature.’”
Moderator: Burt Hopkins
6:00-7:00 Wine and Cheese Reception

Sat, May 19th
9:00 Coffee and pastries.
9:00-10:30 Claudio Majolino, “Variation and constitution in Husserl”
Moderator: Christoph Durt
10:45-12:15 Jeff Yoshimi, “A formalization of Husserl’s theory of horizons”
Moderator: Claudio Majolino
12:15-1:15 Lunch
1:15-2:45 Anne Ozar, “Trust and the problem of optimism”
Moderator: Tom Sheehan
3:00-4:30 Tom Sheehan, “Making sense of Heidegger: a paradigm shift”
Moderator: Anne Ozar
4:45-6:15 Steve Crowell, “Responsibility, autonomy, and affectivity: a Heideggerian approach”
Moderator: Jeff Yoshimi
6:30-7:30 Wine and Cheese Reception

Abe Stone 2012-05-08