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Workshop on Things

UC Santa Cruz

June 26th–27th, 2013

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Note: due to two unfortunate cancelations, the session originally planned for Tuesday evening, June 25th, will not take place. The workshop will begin Wednesday morning.

All conference events will take place in Humanities 1, Room 210.

Wednesday, June 26th

10:00–11:30 David Hyder (University of Ottawa) “Time and object in Transcendental Deduction §24”
Moderator: Dennis Des Chene

11:45–1:15 Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech) “Kant on the qualities of things”
Moderator: David Hyder

1:15–2:45 Lunch

2:45–4:15 Dennis Des Chene (Washington University St. Louis) “The emergence of mere things”
Moderator: Ori Simchen

4:30–6:00 Ori Simchen (University of British Columbia) “Things of semantic value”
Moderator: Abe Stone

6:00-7:00 Tea and Cookies Reception

Thursday, June 27th

9:30–11:00 Justin E.H. Smith (University of Paris VII) “Res extensae, res publicae, and the political dimensions of things”
Moderator: Ori Simchen

11:15–12:45 Nick Stang (University of Miami) “Grounds, forms, and a priori cognition in Kant”
Moderator: Justin E.H. Smith

12:45–1:45 Lunch

1:45–3:15 Abe Stone “Kant on substances and things”
Moderator: Nick Stang