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Sep. 28: no reading, first class.

Basic system

Rockt. 5: Introduction to Philosophical Papers, volume I (pp. x-xii); ``Counterpart Theory and Quantified Modal Logic,'' with postscripts (Phil. Papers, vol. 1, pp. 26-46). Note this is probably the most technically challenging reading we will have, but I think necessary.

Rockt. 12: On the Plurality of Worlds, §§1.6-9 (pp. 69-96); §2.1 (pp. 97-101); §2.4 (pp. 108-15).

Rockt. 19: On the Plurality of Worlds, §2.8 (pp. 133-5); §§4.1-3 (pp. 192-220).


Rockt. 26: ``Holes'' (with Stephanie Lewis) (Phil. Papers, vol. 1, pp. 3-9); ``Scorekeeping in a Language Game'' (Phil. Papers, vol. 1, pp. 233-49).

Nov. 2: ``Academic appointments: Why ignore the advantage of being right?'' (Papers in Ethics, pp. 187-200); ``Noneism or Allism?'' (Papers in Metaphysics, pp. 152-63).

The possibility of science and of meaningful thought

Nov. 9: ``New Work for a Theory of Universals'' (Papers in Metaphysics, pp. 8-55).

Nov. 16: ``Causation'' (Phil. Papers, vol. 2, pp. 159-72; postscripts, pp. 172-213, recommended but not required).

Nov. 23: ``How to Define Theoretical Terms'' (Phil. Papers, vol. 1, pp. 78-95).

Nov. 30: ``Radical Interpretation,'' with postscripts (Phil. Papers, vol. 1, pp. 108-21); recommended: ``Putnam's Paradox,'' (Papers in Metaphysics, pp. 56-77).

Abe Stone 2010-11-09