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Note: this assignment is for students in Groups I and II only.

Please respond to the following question in approximately two pages (double spaced). (Needless to say this should be your own original work.)

In the opening paragraphs of Ideas §13 (pp. 26-7) Husserl makes a distinction between ``specialization'' and ``de-formalization.'' As an example he discusses (a) the relationship between the essence triangle and the genus spatial shape vs. (b) the relationship between the essence triangle and the form essence. Clearly both essence and spatial shape are much more universal (have a much wider range, apply to many more things) than triangle. Why is it supposedly clear, nevertheless, that relationships (a) and (b) are not the same kind of example, i.e. that the two kinds of ``universality'' involved are not the same? Relate this to Husserl's statement that pure logic/formal ontology is about the empty form of a region in general, whereas a material ontology is confined to a single region.

Abe Stone 2008-10-30