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Note: this assignment is for students in Group I only (see syllabus for a list of group assignments).

Due, as an attachment, via the “Assignments” tool on ecommons, by midnight Thurs., May 8.

Please respond to the following question in two pages or less (double spaced). (Needless to say this should be your own original work.)

In “Languages and Language,” Lewis writes: “The objection suggests that, among decent men, truthfulness in ℒ is a social contract. I agree; but there is no reason why it cannot be a social contract and a convention as well, and I think it is” (p. 31 in the version that’s up on eCommons; p. 185 in Philosophical Papers vol. 1). Explain how this is supposed to work. Do “decent men” (or, er, decent people) have two completely different reasons to be truthful, or is it, at least in part, just the same reason regarded two different ways?

Abe Stone 2014-06-01