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General Information

Contact Info

Professor: Abe Stone
Office: Cowell Annex A-106
Phone (office): 459-5723
Office hours: Mon. 2-3pm, Thurs. 10-11am, or by appointment.

Course Requirements

Two 6-10 page papers, due Thurs., Feb. 16 and Thurs., Mar. 23. For the second paper there are now two possible assignments: the original paper assignment and the alternate assignment.


Carnap, The Logical Structure of the World (known, following its German title, as ``the Aufbau'').

Goodman, Fact, Fiction and Forecast.

Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Popper, The Logic of Scientific Discovery.

The above texts should be available at the Literary Guillotine. Readings not on the above list will be made available as photocopies and/or on e-reserve.

Abe Stone 2006-03-05