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General Information

Contact Info

Professor: Abe Stone
Office: Gates-Blake 228
Phone (office): 702-3085
Office hours: Mon., 11-12; Tues., 1-2; or by appointment.

Writing Intern: Justin Tiwald

Course Requirements

Classroom participation, including attendance at and participation in writing seminars. Three 3-5 page papers, due Mon., Oct. 18, Mon., Nov. 8, and Wed., Dec. 8.


Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics, tr. D. Ross (Oxford World's Classics).

Homer, The Iliad of Homer, tr. R. Lattimore.

Plato, Meno, tr. G. Anastaplo and L. Berns

Thomas and Grace West, tr., Four Texts on Socrates.

All texts should be available at the Seminary Coop Bookstore (5757 S. University Ave.). Readings not on the above list will be made available as photocopies.

I don't necessarily recommend the above translations as better than all others. It might be confusing to use a different translation, however, as translations can sometimes vary wildly.

Abe Stone 2006-01-23