Abe Stone
Assignment FAQ

Am I failing this course?

Are you angry at me/do you think I’m an idiot?

Help! I’m finding this assignment very difficult and it’s filling my life with stress.

Can I ask you questions about the what you want on the assignment? Can I run my topic past you and get your response? Do you have any suggestions?

Where is your office?

Who is my TA and/or how can I reach him or her?

When is the assignment due? Midnight? In class? Some other time?

For assignments due via eCommons: my assignment is late, will eCommons still accept it?

For assignments due via eCommons: I submitted my assignment early, but I now realized that I want to change it. Can I resubmit?

Can I have a brief, or not so brief, extension?

When will we get our assignments back with grades and/or feedback?

For assignments with minimum and/or maximum page limits: do you mean double spaced?

If my assignment is shorter than the page minimum (or longer than the page maximum), do I automatically fail?

What is the correct format for citing texts? Do I need to include a bibliography or “Works Cited” page?

What is plagiarism? What will happen to me if I'm caught plagiarizing?

Am I allowed to collaborate with other students on my work?

Am I allowed to submit work that I’ve also submitted for credit in another course?

Am I allowed to use the first person singular (“I”)?

Do I need to quote the text directly? Is there a certain number of quotes you require?

Aren’t I allowed to have my own opinion? Shouldn’t I care about the truth? Why do I have to write about what these old, dead people said, instead?