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In a time like this, it's best to stay informed, stay sane, and stay relaxed. So enjoy this website and all that it has to provide to take away all your worries (not verified by any kind of authority but our own opinion).

There is information for you to read up on for the current updates to the quarantine and the pandemic as well as helpful tips to cope with all the changes we are going through. Once you've gone through that, you can get to the good stuff. If you aren't sure how much time you have for that next assignment that's coming up, along with the other 1,200 papers, tests, and projects they keep pushing at you, type in the due date and get the fastest results to know how much longer you have to not do it. Maybe that calculation is a very close window to get an assignment turned in, but don't worry, you can have an email generated for you to cover the turn-in date.

From a group of university students to you, we do hope you stay safe and stay sane.