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What's New in Santa Cruz?

I have lived in Santa Cruz for two years, and thought I had been everywhere there was to go.

Downtown, Capitola, Watsonville, Seabright Beach, The Mystery Spot, and Natural Bridges to name a few. I was wrong.

In September I went to the Seymour Center for the first time.

We spent the day there for a job retreat, and got to explore the grounds. This included:

The Seymour Marine Discovery Center has a bunch of other cool and interesting exhibits for visitors:

  1. The Squidtoons: Exploring Ocean Science with Comics exhibit
  2. The invertebrate pool, where you can touch sea stars and hermit crabs
  3. The Blue Whale Skeleton and Gray Whale Skeleton
  4. Native Plant Habitat and Coastal Bluffs

Here is my email. This information was relevant for October 2018.

Here is a photo of my coworker who also attended the retreat at the Seymour Center.

"It's a beautiful place to be inspired." - Alexa Moreno