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Philip Rice

Click on the link to download the pptx file. The PDF version of slides is 10 times the size of the PPTX file -- 22 MB vs 2.2 MB.

Part of the white paper is a text explanation of what is found in the slides. More importantly, it also has a test case of why you generally need to avoid using an Analytic Function within a view definition stored in the database, or at least be careful when doing so. You can get wrong results when a WHERE clause is applied on a view that has an Analytic Function in the view.

Presentation on Analytic Functions (slides -- .pptx format)

Presentation on Analytic Functions (slides -- PDF)

Presentation on Analytic Functions (white paper -- PDF)

The UCSC banana slug mascot in the redwoods...and fighting fires
UCSC mascot: banana slug[Banana slug firefighter]

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RMAN in the Trenches article published in national tech journal of Independent Oracle Users Group, 2008

RMAN in the Trenches -- slides -- .ppt format:
Part 1
Part 2

Presentation on Block Management in Oracle: Adventure with Chained Rows  (slides -- .ppt format)

Job description

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA): maintain campus administrative databases.
Primary areas have included:

Unit: Applications and Project Management in ITS
Office: K1-09 at 2300 Delaware
Phone: 831-459-4224
E-mail: price [at] ucsc {dot} edu

Personal information

I have been in the computer field since 1980, and worked with Oracle starting in 1991. I started at UCSC in September, 1999 after moving from Minneapolis, MN.

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