Issue #4 of Queer Fuckers Magazine (QFM)
This is Queer Nation Utah's collectively produced 'zine
Curtis Jensen, editor-in-chief
It contains adult-oriented material -
Do NOT download if you are younger than 18

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Archival photos of Queer Nation Utah, 1990-1992

Murray Fair Grounds, June 26, 1991
Laura Trent, Renee Rinaldi, Curtis Jensen, and Dan ____?

Toni Palmer, Renee Rinaldi, Curtis Jensen, and Dan
Walt Larrabee (in pink shorts), Robert Erichsen (striped shirt), and Connell O'Donovan (tie-dye)
Lynn Lavner - Jewish leather Dyke: Performing at Salt Lake Pride when the neo-Nazis showed up, June 26, 1991
Lynn Lavner
Lynn Lavner
Lynn Lavner
Neo-Nazis protesting at Pride, taken from Bridge Magazine
Kathy Riser, Nancy Perez, and Jason Dimick (beard and shorts) on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Building, getting ready for the Pride March to the City-County Building
Garth Chamberlain on the Capitol steps; Connell O'Donovan (with wand) and Luci Malin (Western States Director of NOW) on the far left
Unfurling the QNU Banner - Nancy Perez, Madonna, Devin Hanson, Dan, Kathy Riser, Toni Palmer (arms folded) and Melissa Sillitoe in the pink hat (I think!)
Striking a Pose on the Capitol steps - Jason Dimick (beard), Jennifer _____ (?) (scarf), Madonna, Matthew Landis, Jared Brown, Devin Hanson, Curis Jensen (glasses), Nancy Perez, Toni Palmer (sunglasses)
Neo-Nazis protesting at end of Salt Lake Gay Pride March
June 27, 1991, Salt Lake City-County Building - Devin Hansen of Queer Nation Utah on the right, providing security
Neo-Nazi boneheads
Connell "Rocky" O'Donovan
Calming down the crowd
Faggot with a Bullhorn
...and a Faerie Wand
Curtis Jensen and Dan kissing for the Nazis; Nancy on the left.
Jared Brown's back, Devin Hanson (top of head), Curtis Jensen, and Dan, watching the Nazis
Jared Brown
Kathy Riser and Nancy Perez
Matthew Landis and Curtis Jensen
Toni Palmer
Toni and her partner Alicia
Melissa Sillitoe

Connell O'Donovan, speaking on Queer Mormon History at the Affirmation National Conference in San Francisco, 2004 (does not enlarge)

Ron Richards, Kyle Kennedy (now just Kennedy, like Cher or Madonna), Curtis Jensen, and Jerry ____?

Scott Speirs and Curtis Jensen

Jason Dimick, Connell O'Donovan, and our friend Patrik Curry