CMPE 003 Assignment 2


This assignment will be out of 1000 possible points.


getting started

  1. In Windows, Open a plain text file, using Notepad (Available from Start>Accessories>Notepad) or the more versatile program Textpad, available for free download.

If Using Notepad:

If Using Textpad:


  1. Create your web page (covered in class, there are also many, many web page tutorials available online)  Feel free to use the sample web page as an example.
  2. The .html file needs to be hand edited, not generated by a program. Webpage-generating programs create distinctive HTML commands that make it tremendously obvious if you don’t write the code yourself.  You will likely receive a ZERO on the assignment if you use a webpage generator.
  3. To view changes
  4. Scan a picture, upload one from a digital camera, or transfer one of your existing digital photos
  5. Upload the photo file(s) to your UCSC Personal Webspace at
  6. Put the link to the photo in your web page, and test that it shows up.
  7. Upload your web page to your Personal Webspace
  8. Check that the web site works

EXTRA CREDIT (100 points total)

  1. Add your web page to the UCSC Directory of Personal Web Pages (100 pts).