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About Me

I am an associate professor of economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My main research areas are health economics, education and applied econometrics. You can find my curriculum vita here.


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Book Chapters

[2011] “Alcohol Regulation and Crime”, with Christopher Carpenter and Carlos Dobkin, in Philip Cook, Jens Ludwig and Justin McCrary (Eds.) Making Crime Control Pay: Cost-Effective Alternatives to Mass Incarceration, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, (Forthcoming)

Working Papers

"The Drinking Age, Alcohol Consumption, and Crime", joint with Christopher Carpenter, February 2013 (Revise and Resubmit: Review of Economics and Statistics)

"Are Supply-Side Drug Control Efforts Effective? Evaluating OTC Regulations Targeting Methamphetamine Precursors", Joint with Nancy Nicosia and Matthew Weinberg, January 2013

"The Mechanisms of Alcohol Control: Evidence from the Canadian Minimum Legal Drinking Age", Joint with Kitt Carpenter, December 2012

"Hospital Staffing and Inpatient Mortality", Mimeo June 2003

"Plagiarism in U.S. Higher Education: Estimating Internet Plagiarism Rates and Testing a Means of Deterrence", joint with Jeffrey Weinstein, Mimeo May 2003