Newest Research

  1. Cyclicity and connectivity in Nez Perce relative clauses January 2014

    This paper studies two aspects of movement in Nez Perce relative clauses. First, I argue that relativization involves cyclic A' movement, even in monoclausal relatives: the relative element moves to Spec,CP via an A' outer specifier of TP. Second, I provide a new argument from connectivity in morphological case for the view that some but not all relatives are derived by head-raising… [more]

  2. Apportionment and the mass-count distinction in Nez Perce August 2013

    Is the mass-count distinction a semantic universal? What types of variation are at stake in the different ways the distinction shows up cross-linguistically? This paper addresses these questions through a study of Nez Perce, a language where the mass-count distinction is almost entirely grammatically concealed… [more]

Current Teaching

  1. Hypothesis-Driven Fieldwork Spring 2014

    This is a research-practicum style course for graduate students, focusing on the methodologies used in research on under-studied languages within the generative paradigm.

Talks and whatnot

  1. Variation in semantics March 2014

    At Metasemantics: Explanation in Natural Language Semantics, UC Berkeley.

  2. Mass and count in Nez Perce May 2014

    At Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas, University of British Columbia.

  3. Allomorphy: its logic and limitations July 2014

    Talk title TBA. Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  4. Semantic variation in nominal expressions Summer 2015

    Course at the 2015 LSA Summer Institute, University of Chicago.